Lexapro Over the Counter: Detailed Review of the Drug

Lexapro Over the CounterThe challenges we all have to deal with throughout our livesmay leave a sign on our mental health. In recent years, the demand for antidepressant medications has grown tremendously. One of the medications aiming to cope with this problem is Lexapro. The 2020 statistic claims more than 6.3 million people in the United States have taken this drug.

Such a figure is not surprising. Lexapro is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI)and is highly effective in the therapy of generalized anxiety and major depression. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, 3.1% of the entire US adult population have GAD, while NIMH says 8.4% suffer from a major depressive disorder.

Lexapro is a potent weapon against either of these mental health disorders. Many people dealing with them would like to ease their symptoms with this drug, but it’s not that easy. You can’tjust go to the nearest pharmacy and buy Lexapro without prescription. A visit to the doctor’s office is inescapable in such cases. However, there is an answer to the question of how to get Lexapro over the counter.

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Where to Buy Lexapro?

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Why to Take? How It Works?

Before buying Lexapro online, it’s worth learning as much as possible about this drug and its potential influence on your health. Escitalopram, the active substance in this medication, blocks the reuptake of the serotonin neurotransmitter, thus increasing its levels in the brain.
Such an effect allows people taking this medication to reduce their anxiety levels, get extra energy charge, and improve their mental well-being overall.

The FDA recommends taking this drug for generalized anxiety disorder in adult people and major depressive disorder in teenagers aged 12 and older and adult patients. In Europe, doctors prescribe Lexapro for panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, and a range of other mental health conditions.

The decision to use this preparation for any of the mentioned health problems is a priority of the healthcare professional involved in your treatment. You should never use this medication without a clear need, as in such a case, you can do more harm than benefit to your health.

Why Choose Lexapro Over Other SSRIs?

If you’ve been on the topic of antidepressant medications at least for a while, you probably know that there are different types of antidepressants.For instance, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), tricyclic antidepressants, MAO inhibitors, etc. They are all aimedat relieving your depression symptoms, yet their mechanism of action and impact on your physical health vary.

Once you come to the point where you decide to take SSRIs, the next challenge is what drug to choose. Zoloft, Prozac, Celexa, or Lexapro: what one can help you best?Let’s find it out!

Zoloft vs. Lexapro

Despite these medicines belonging to the same class, Zoloft vs. Lexapro are not interchangeable when it comes to the therapy of generalized anxiety. While Lexapro can be used for this disorder, Zoloft is not intended to deal with GAD.

Another thing adding points in favor of Lexapro is that it can be used in patients aged 12 and older, while Zoloft is only allowed for adults. Also, the per/pill dosage of escitalopram (Lexapro) is lower than that of sertraline (Zoloft), which can potentially reduce its negative impact on your liver.

Prozac vs. Lexapro

The range of dissimilarities between Prozac vs. Lexapro is rather limited. Still, there are some. For instance, Prozac can be used for many more mental health disorders than Lexapro. On the other hand, escitalopram has a shorter half-life, which means its side effects are rarer and milder. From this standpoint, Lexapro is safer than Prozac.

Celexa vs. Lexapro

Another pair of drugs to compare is Celexa vs. Lexapro. The latter is an S-enantiomer of the former, so they have a lot in common. Lexapro can be helpful with depression and anxiety, while Celexacan treat depression only. Besides, escitalopram is allowed in kids, whereas Celexa is safe for adults only.

Lexapro can produce fewer side effects and is safer for people with certain heart disorders. Also, this preparation has a much more favorable drug interactions profile, which makes it compatible with a lot more medicines compared to Celexa.

Is Lexapro Safe?

When looking to buy a prescription-only medication over the counter, it’s essential to know whether you can take it without any significant risks to your life and health. If you’ve been on this drug before and know your body’s reaction to it, that’s fine. But if this is the first-ever time you want to help your depression or anxiety symptoms with Lexapro, we would recommend you consult with your healthcare provider to ensure it’s safe in your case.

Lexapro has some contraindications and warnings to be aware of when considering its online purchase without a prescription.

  • Known hypersensitivity to escitalopram or other components of the preparation;
  • Liver disease;
  • Seizure disorder;
  • Mania or bipolar disorder in personal or family medical history;
  • Episodes of suicidal attempts or thoughts in the past;
  • Gastrointestinal problems, peptic ulcer in particular;
  • Angle-closure glaucoma;
  • QT prolongation;
  • Bleeding problems.

This list can be completed by your doctor or pharmacist. Please note that mentioning all the medical conditions you have or have had in the past is essential for the healthcare professional to weigh all the benefits and risks of prescribing Lexapro. The more information you provide, the lower the risk of unwanted effects.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you’d better refuse to take Lexapro. While there is little sufficient information about its potentially harmful influence on the fetus and the nursing baby, there’s also no evidence of it being safe.

Treatment without Side Effects: Is It Possible?

No matter how low your Lexapro dosage is, there is always a risk of developing unwanted reactions. And the higher it gets, the more you increase the risk of getting severe adverse reactions. On the other hand, Lexapro boasts a much better safety profile than many other similar drugs. The common side effects of the drug hold little-to-no danger to your life and health and may include

  • trouble sleeping;
  • nausea;
  • increased sweating;
  • drowsiness;
  • fatigue;
  • dry mouth;
  • sexual health disorders (low libido, anorgasmia, ejaculation disorder);
  • constipation.

There is a slight chance that you may develop some more severe reactions. Among the reported side effects that may require medical help, there are:

  • easy bruising;
  • changes in the heart rhythm;
  • fainting;
  • tarry stool or vomit that looks like coffee grounds (signs of internal bleeding);
  • blurred vision or other vision abnormalities;
  • pain in the eyes, swelling, and redness;
  • painful urination;
  • muscle stiffness;
  • tremor, and others.

If used in children, rapid weight gain and slow growth can happen. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects that you experience. If they are severe, you might need to stop taking the drug.

Taking Lexapro with Other Drugs

When ordering Lexapro over the counter, people often forget about the risks of hazardous drug interactions. Not to repeat a common mistake, review your medicine cabinet for any of the drug names that you’ll find below. If you currently take any of them, you should postpone the therapy with Lexapro until you are done with other treatments or check with your GP for the opportunity to find a safer substitute for those meds.

Do not take Lexapro with

  • MAO inhibitors (there should be at least a 14-days gap between these drugs);
  • Primozide;
  • Other SSRIs;
  • SNRIs (duloxetine, venlafaxine);
  • Tryptophan;
  • Aspirin;
  • Warfarin and other blood thinners;
  • NSAIDs (ibuprofen).

Some herbal products may also interfere with the expected effects of escitalopram, so be careful and check their compatibility anytime you want to use something new.

Taking Lexapro Safely

Once you buy Lexapro Over the Counter online, you should stick to some recommendations to make this experience positive. While every patient wants their treatment to be effective, it’s vital to make it safe. So catch some pieces of advice on how to take this medication.

  • Always follow your doctor’s prescription regarding the drug dosage. Increasing it without consulting a medical specialist, you risk getting severe adverse reactions without improving your response to the therapy.
  • Lexapro is equally effective if used with or without food. So it’s up to you to decide.
  • Increase the dose gradually until you reach your recommended daily dose. This will help you prevent unwanted reactions and adapt to the effects of the drug easier.
  • Never stop taking Lexapro abruptly. Otherwise, you risk developing withdrawal symptoms, including loss of appetite, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, and others. Step off the medication gradually to be on the safe side.

Lexapro Over the Counter – Bottom Line

The opportunity to buy Lexapro over the counter from our online pharmacy grants access to quality treatment of depression and anxiety to people who lack the time or possibility to buy this medication from their local pharmacies. Your health and safety are our priorities. Buy Lexapro Over the Counter online here and now. Leave your anxiety and depression in the past.