Stromectol Over the Counter

stromectol over the counterStrometrcol is a well-known and highly effective antiparasitic medicine. Usually, one requires a prescription to purchase it. However, nowadays, it is possible to get the oral or topical dosage form online after consultation. Here we explain all the useful basics about this remedy, its action and utilization, as well as precautions, side effects and contraindications.

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What is Stromectol?

An active ingredient of this medicine is ivermectin. It was developed only 50 years ago. Still, its efficiency has been thoroughly checked and proven.

This medicine treats several parasitic infections, including head lice, scabies, onchocerciasis (river blindness), strongyloidiasis,trichocephaliasis, ascariasisand lymphatic filariasis. All the indications were checked through the clinical trials and the mechanism of action for this remedy is well-known, thus it widely used in practice.

Stromectol Usage

There are both oral and topical dosage forms of this medicine. The dose also differs according to the disease. The following indications are the most common but other issues may be also treated with the help of Stromectol as well.

Scabies and Lice

The topical lotions with this ingredient can successfully kill head lice and scabies. Usually, two applications are required. The first one kills the adult representatives but their eggs are left. Then, after approximately one week, the second application is done to kill the newborn parasites.

When the infestation is too challenging to combat, this drug can be also prescribedas an oral dosage form. In this case, the doctor selects the dose and gives the recommendations for this type of treatment.


This illness is caused by the nematode parasite Strongyloidesstercoralis. The clinical investigations revealed that 64-100% of infected patients were curedafter a single dose of this medicine that was calculated as 200 mcg per kilogram of body weight.


The nematode parasite Onchocerca volvulus causes this disease and can be also successfully killed by Stromectol taken as an oral dosage form. The efficiency was proven in the clinical trials.

How Stromectol Works

Ivermectin interferes with nerve and muscle functions and is active against helminths and insects.The mechanism is as follows:

  • an active molecule binds to glutamate-gated chloride channels of the nerve and muscle cells;
  • they open and chloride ions move inside the cells in high quantities;
  • this leads to paralyzing and kills the insects or helminths.

Humans and other mammals have such channels only in the brain and spinal cord. But this molecule is not able to cross the blood–brain barrier and therefore is safe for utilization.

Stromectol Over the Counter

Such highly active medicines as Stromectol belong to the class of prescription drugs. That is because of their potent effect and the need to consult a specialist before taking such pills.

However, modern online pharmacies provide a perfect opportunity to get online both the consultation and the prescription. After these simple steps, one can order the medicine via the Internet, wait for the delivery and start the treatment without wasting time.


It is important to search for a reliable provider of pharmaceutical services. Always check the license and do not hesitate to ask all the questions you are interested in.

If Stromectol OTC is available, there is always such information given on the web resource.


The pricing differs according to the chosen dosage form and quantity. The basic oral form ranges in cost from $30 to $100 depending on the platform. Some discounts may be applicable, so check this information beforehand.

Fast Delivery

One of the best things about online pharmaceutical service is its fastness and high quality. One does not need to spend a lot of time visiting the hospital and then the pharmacy. Certain medicines can be bought online without any problems and wasting of time.

Pros and Cons

The basic advantages of the Stromectol are the following:

  • it is a highly effective remedy for the treatment of various parasitic infections;
  • its activity and efficiency were proven in the clinical trials;
  • it is generally safe and is not associated with severe side effects;
  • it exists both in an oral and topical form;
  • it can be utilized for both adults and children.

As for the cons, one should always consult a specialist before its utilization and strictly follow the administration scheme. There are also some side effects that may occur as well as contraindications. For example, women cannot take it during pregnancy and breastfeeding and there are some limitations for children according to their body weight.

How to Take Stromectol

The administration scheme and rules should be selected by a specialist and according to the diagnosed disease. Do not solve this issue on your own to avoid side effects and complications after the treatment.


It is crucial to follow the recommendations on the dosage and administration as this medicine has a quite powerful action and an overdose may lead to severe side effects.

Usually, the dose of an oral dosage form is prescribed by the doctor or pharmacist according to the diagnosed disease, for example:

  • for the strongyloidiasistreatment, a single oral dose of 200 mcg per kg of body weight is prescribed;
  • in the case of onchocerciasis, a single oral dose of 150 mcg per kg of body weight is enough.

As for the lotions and other topical forms, they are usually utilized twice with a gap of one week between the applications. Sometimes, for head lice, Stromectol is also prescribed orally but this issue must be considered by the specialist.

How long to take Stromectol

One of the best things about this drug is the fast treatment. In most cases, a single dose is enough to cure the parasitic disease.

However, the duration of the treatment must be chosen by the specialist. Afterward, the analysis is required to prove that it was effective. If not, the therapy will be continued.

Customer Reviews

Hanna, 37: Stromectol was prescribed for me for the treatment of strongyloidiasis. The medicine appeared to be highly efficient and helped me to recover fast. Moreover, I did not experience any severe side effects, so I’m completely satisfied with the treatment.

Andrew, 45: We used this medicine as a lotion for the treatment of head lice for the whole family. Other remedies did not work and we were truly happy to get this one. In addition, it is possible to purchase it online that makes the treatment not only effective but also swift.

Helen, 31: It took a long time to diagnose the parasitic disease and I was really scared about the treatment. It was pure magic for me to take only one dose of Stromectol and get rid of the problem without side effects. It works!

Stromectol Side Effects

While taking this medicine as an oral dosage form, one can face the following adverse effects:

  • asthenia and fatigue;
  • abdominal pain;
  • constipation or diarrhea;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • dizziness, somnolence and tremor;
  • skin rash.

They occur rarely, but still, there is such a possibility. That is why if you observe any negative reactions, it is better to stop the intake and consult the healthcare provider.

Warnings and Interactions

The scientific investigations revealed that this molecule is dangerous during the pregnancy and breastfeeding period. Its utilization may lead to severe consequences, so it is prohibited.

One more contraindication is hypersensitivity or allergic reactions to the active ingredient. In this case, this medicine cannot be utilized and other options should be chosen for the appropriate treatment.

Furthermore, children with a body weight of less than 15 kg or 33 pounds are also not recommended to take this medicine.

As for the interactions, they should be considered individually. There is evidence that this medicine may interact with warfarin and similar drugs and influenceblood clotting. Therefore, if you need to take any other medicines on a daily basis, consult your healthcare provider about this issue.


In a nutshell, Stromectol is a valuable and efficient antiparasitic remedy. Its action was proven through various clinical trials. Therefore, we have established doses and different dosage forms.

Still, one should be aware of its strong action, side effects and contradistinctions. It is recommended to consult a healthcare provider first and then start the treatment to avoid unpleasant consequences.


Can you buy Stromectol over the counter?

Yes, this can be done through a special pharmaceutical online service that has an appropriate license and provides the consultation and online prescribing of the medicine.

Are there any natural alternatives to Stromectol?

Some plants are used as antiparasitic agents. However, their efficiency cannot be compared with this medicine. It was checked in clinical trials and provides the needed effect.

Can I use Stromectol for conditions not listed on the label?

No, it is strictly forbidden due to the fact that the effect of this drug is quite powerful. The misuse can lead to severe side effects and undesired health issues.

Can I take Stromectol with other medications?

This depends on the type of medication. For each such case, a consultation with the specialist is required to avoid interactions and side effects.