According to the WHO, the current registration of patients with strongyloidiasis is 30-100 million patients annually. The global distribution of strongyloidiasis is underestimated. The greatest risk factor for the occurrence of this parasitosis is unfavorable socioeconomic conditions: poverty, unsanitary conditions, open defecation, nomadic lifestyle, close contact with the soil in endemic areas. What is Strongyloidiasis?

It is not an easy task to treat rosacea. This disease is accompanied by skin inflammation and is considered life-long. As there are no defined causes of its occurrence, modern medicine cannot cure it once and for all. However, one can determine the main triggers that provoke the worsening of the skin condition and recommend

Scabies and bed bugs are two widespread pests that may wreak havoc on our lives. This article includes key differences between these tiny tormentors, from their causes and symptoms to the methods of treatment and appearance. What are Scabies Mites? Scabies mites, scientifically known as Sarcoptes scabiei, represent tiny parasites that penetrate the skin, triggering

Nematode infections in humans, triggered by a diverse group of parasitic roundworms, are a serious global health concern. These microscopic parasites may infiltrate different bodily systems, resulting in a range of debilitating diseases. Comprehension of the transmission, symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis of nematode infections is of decisive importance for public health efforts worldwide. In this

Being tiny yet persistent parasites that infest the scalps of humans, lice have been a source of discomfort and concern for centuries. This article provides an answer to the question that often disturbs those who encounter these critters: Are lice contagious? Let’s unravel the facts behind lice transmission and dispel common myths surrounding these pesky

Discovering lice may be an itchy and uncomfortable experience, but knowing how to check for them on yourself is the first step in solving this problem effectively. In this article, we will guide you through the process of inspecting for lice, proposing important recommendations for a careful examination and peace of mind. What are Lice?

Intestinal parasites are mainly associated with weight loss. There is even an old myth regarding the tapeworm diet. Supposedly, if a person were to ingest a tapeworm, the parasite would consume calories from the person’s meals, so they would not gain weight and would burn the pounds they have. While weight loss indeed can be

Sometimes the human hair may become home for the Bugs. The infested person feels itching and other unpleasant sensations on the scalp. Furthermore, the hair condition may get worse. The most common parasite that causes these problems is lice. However, other insects can also be found in the hair. Learn more about possible parasites, signs

Lice in the head are not dangerous, but a very unpleasant problem. This is quite common among children. Moreover, ice tends to spread easily among family members and they require special handling. Without the latter, it is impossible to get rid of the problem. So, let’s find out more details about this problem. And we’ll

The world around us is full of various organisms and some of them are parasitic. This means they are prone to utilize the body of a human as a host and live on it. Usually, such parasites are tiny and not all of them are visible to the naked eye. In this article, we are